b'alking about a wider bow being y. Others are now t .We are disrupting the industr table shooter since our beginningtable. We have been a wide sDont over pay to have the latest and more sgreatest, get a Disrupter 30 - Disrupter 30Disrupter 30For those who like a little longer axle to axle. Great for hunting or target shooting, points and holds for days. The Disrupter 30 has a 30.625 axle to axle length. The riser is black hard coat anodized, 7075 grade aluminum. Comes with a standard grip and the Pick a Grip system can be an upgrade. The Pick a Grip system gives 6 different grip options. Each bow comes with a ST-2 Stabilizer mount and converts from right to left hand or vice versa. Custom colors and dipping are available at an additional cost.Draw Weights: Kinetic Energy:35 - 50 lbs 87.3 ft/lbs IBOSpeed:45 - 60 lbs55 - 70 lbs Brace Height: 335Draw Length: 6.0 fps26/ 27 / 28/29/30 FPS:Mass Weight: 335 FPS at 70 pounds and 30 draw with a80%max adjustable let off4.61 lbs 350 grain arrowAvailable Colors:STARTING ATBlack Custom Dip $9196 0 8 - 3 7 0 - 8 0 1 69'