b'The pteru sr i eDis S e rnking tradition.rethiinking nking tradition.rethiinking In 2020 Gearhead released a new bow that had the best features of the B Series with the draw cycle of the T Series. We called that bow, the Disrupter. It has weight adjustment within the Zero Gap limb pocket and a draw length specific cam.Then in 2021 the Disrupter Pro added an adjustable cam to the Disrupter Series that gives draw length adjustment with a rotational module in 1/2 increments. The cam has a limb stop and a string stop. This Disrupter Pro Series will fill a void in our high performance compact bow lineup. The compact nature of the Disrupter Series puts all the advantages for hunting, in your favor.The Disrupter Series gives options to enable customers to build their dream bow. Choose your grip from the Pick a Grip system. The slider grip allows micro tuning of the draw length, brace height and hand torque. Gearhead Archery offers an array of colors and dipping options that make the Disrupter uniquely yours.4G E A R H E A D A R C H E R Y . C O M'