b'G E A R H E A DCONVERT RIGHT TO LEFT-HANDED BOW MANUALEach Gearhead Archery bow has the ability to convert from right to left-hand or vice versa. The riser side plates are a mirror image of themselves from a horizontal center line. Converting to left-hand is as simple as flipping the grip and moving the power cables to the other side. The draw string will need to flip as well to allow the dead end string stop to line up with the serving.1 Lets assume that we are starting with a right handed bow that is not set up with a rest and sights. Remove the six 10-24 flathead fasteners that attach the grip to the riser. There are three on each side. 2 Slide the grip out of the riser and slide the cable slide off of the cable rod.3 Now take the cable rod module that is mounted to the right side of the grip with two 8-32 flatheads and move it to the left side and reattach to the grip. This will nest into a machined pocket that fits the module.4 Take the grip and flip it 180 degrees and reattach it to the riser with the six 10-24 flathead bolts. 5 Next, loosen the cable rod set screws, rotate it to the 10 oclock position and tighten it back up. 6 You will need a bow press to flip the string end for end toNOTE: If the bow get theplacement for the dead string stop correct. Also it is easier to attach the cable slide with the cables separated to the cable rod at this time. was set up prior to converting, you will remove the sights and rest and replace If needed, loosen the dead-end string stop andthem with left-handed 7 position it to the center of the string. Whenversions. The stabilizer tightening back up, tighten one bolt and thenbracket will need to theother,repeatuntiltherodistight.Thismove to opposite end avoids stripping the threads.of the riser. To convert from left-hand to right, just reverse this process.6 0 8 - 3 7 0 - 8 0 1 627'