b'SLIDER GRIPMAINTAINING THE TRUE CENTER SHOT ExplainedAnother major feature of the Gearhead Slider grip is the ability to shift the grip to remove hand position grip torque. The Slider grip adjusts .375 left or right in .125 increments to align the center shot of the bow. When anchored at full draw with the bow, look up or down at the cams. If the string is coming off the cam to the left, move the grip to the left. If the string is coming off to the right, move the grip to the right. Micro tune adjust the grip until the string is perfectly straight at full draw.The adjustment features of the Slider grips take the Gearhead bows to a whole new level. The customization options will fit the bow perfectly to the shooter. This will give the advantage on the range to the ones shooting the GearheadArchery bow!HAND TORQUE ADJUSTMENTAlignedCenterShooting on CenterAlignedLeft Alignedof Center Right Side 6 0 8 - 3 7 0 - 8 0 1 617'