b'SLIDER GRIPExplained CHANGE THE BRACE HEIGHTThe Gearhead Slider grips are a real game changer! Every grip has a series of tapped holes that are spaced to give maximum adjustability. The grip mounting plate has an equal series of clearance holes in a pattern that adds to this adjustment. By removing the two button head attachment bolts and repositioning the grip, the brace height can be adjusted .50 forward and 1.25 back for a total of 1.75 in .25 increments. This feature allows the draw length to be micro adjusted to the prefect fit and feel.AdjustmentAdjustment .50 Forward 1.25 BackSlider handle withGrip Mounting plate with tapped holes clearance holesBRACE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT16G E A R H E A D A R C H E R Y . C O M'