b'The B is for bomber, like a military stealth bomber! The B Series is all about the look and adjustability. It has all the features found in the T Series bows, such as converting from right to left hand or vice versa, LimbSheild, multiple S places to mount stabilizers, accessories, picatinny rails or an action camera. IE The riser is still machined from 7075 plate aluminum and hard coat anodized R for maximum strength. more than the LOOK. The new riser shape brings E The B Series riser has been designed to a futuristic look, ten years ahead ofS its time. But, it is way B the mass weight of the bow farther back into your grip and also gives you more hand clearance at the grip. The balance and shootability of these bows is in a league of their own. The Zero Gap limb pockets give you 10 pounds of weight adjustment and the RTA cams give you 4 inches of draw length nking tradition.rethiinkingadjustment in half inch increments. There are even 3 different string posts that allow you to change the feel of the draw cycle.The 3 Gearhead bows in the B Series will cover every shooter and their style of shooting with total adjustment. The B30 and B34 are built for speed with nking tradition. a shorter brace height. The B36 is the target shooters dream with perfectly rethiinkingbalanced adjustability. All are proudly made in the USA with the highest quality for which Gearhead Archery is known.10G E A R H E A D A R C H E R Y . C O M'