b'Welcome to 2022In 2022 we begin year eight of manufacturing one of the coolest designed bows ever produced. We have been blessed with customers that totally love our brand of bows. We have seen guys propose to their future wives wrapped in Gearhead swag, weddings where the newlyweds pose with their Gearhead bows, tattooed Gearhead logos and riser designs. Our brand shows up in senior pictures, graduations ceremonies and gender reveals. We appreciate all the Gearhead love that is given to us. It feels like we are part of a movement and is proof positive that doing things a little differently is rewarded.We dont want to be like anyone else. We go against the status quo. Gearhead Archery was founded upon believing anything is possible. We do have a couple new bows in the works this year, but we dont feel pressure to bring a new bow to market every year. Unless we have something that makes our product significantly better, whats the point?The key to our success has always been you, the customer. Our abilities to give our customers what they need and providing world class customer service, has guaranteed growth for us in this industry. We continue the march to build the highest quality, best performing, designed function bows on the planet for extreme hunting conditions.Thanks forchoosing Gearhead!3 years in a row atthe Vegas Shoot: Bowhunter Freestyle, Winners a Classic Bowhunter Freestyle!with a podium sweep in the 2020 DakotG E A R H E A D A R6 C 0H 8 R- Y3 . 7 0 M- 8|0 6 10 6 - 3 7 0 - 8 0 1 6E C O 83'