b'T H E D I S R U P T E R P R O 2 4 S E R I E SSTARTING AT$999Disrupter DisrupterPRO 24PRO 24 short Jump into the saddle with the Disrupter Pro 24. This fan favorite is a size that even a taller hunter can appreciate. Thedraw Gearhead 24 models continue to be our best seller displaying versatility in extreme hunting conditions. The Disrupter Pro 24 is 24.625 axle to axle, 7075 grade aluminum, hard coat anodized and ST-2 stabilizer mount. Comes with a standard grip and the Pick a Grip system can be an upgrade. Converts to right or left hand, colors and dippingDraw Weights: available for an additional cost.45 - 55 lbsDraw Weights:55 - 65 lbs65 - 75 lbs55 - 65 lbs65 - 75 lbs Draw Length: Draw Length:23.5-2726 - 30 Length ATA: 24.625Length ATA: 24.625 Mass Weight: 4.0 lbsMass Weight: 4.25 lbs Brace Height:6.25Brace Height:6.5 Kinetic Energy: 67 ft/lbsKinetic Energy: 84.5 ft/lbs FPS:280 FPS @ 26.5 with a 385 grain arrowIBOSpeed:330 Available Colors for both:fps85%max adjustable let offBlack Custom Dip6G E A R H E A D A R C H E R Y . C O M'