b'Disrupter 24Disrupter 24The perfect hunting bow. The GOAT! LoveDraw Weight: the size, weight, balance and performance. The Disrupter 2440 - 55 lbshas a 24.625 axle to axle length. The riser is black hard coat50 - 65 lbs60 - 75 lbsanodized, 7075 grade aluminum. Comes with a standard grip and the Pick a Grip system can be an upgrade. The Pick aDraw Length:Grip system gives 6 different grip options. Each bow comes with a ST-2 Stabilizer mount and converts from right to left25/26/ 27 / 28/29hand or vice versa. Custom colors and dipping are available at an additional cost. Kinetic Energy: 84.5 ft/lbs85%max adjustable let offMass Weight:4.0 lbsBrace Height:6.5FPS:330 FPS at 70 pounds and 29 draw with a 350 grain arrowAvailable Colors:ing bow. More maneuverable in he perfect size hunt acles. Tree saddle hunters are We will say it again, t alk with fewer obsta tree stand. Spot and st ve more room Ground blinds now ha STARTING AT Black Custom DipStack the deck, put the odds in$899loving ityour favor with a Disrupter 24 -8G E A R H E A D A R C H E R Y . C O M'