b'G E A R H E A DSWinning TraditionIn 2018 Gearhead won Vegas BowhunterIn 2019, 2020 and 2021, Gearhead wins Freestyle with Eric Griggs, 296 archers, 8the NFAA Outdoor Field Nationals, Bowhunter Gearhead Archerys journey began in 2015 withshooting Gearhead, 5 Gearheads in the top 10. Freestyle with John Wheeler, back to back to back!the desire to build the world best hunting bow.In 2019 Gearhead swept the podium in VegasIn 2019 Gearhead wins the NFAA Dakota In a category where all manufacturers claim to beBowhunter Freestyle, Josh Schaff winningClassic, Bowhunter Freestyle with John Wheeler.the best, Gearhead Archery lives with an effortswith a T24 Carbon, 313 archers, 8 shooting are appreciated, results are rewarded mantra. Gearhead, 4 Gearheads in the top 10 with aIn 2020 Gearhead sweeps the poduim at the GearheadArcherysetupitscompetitivepodium sweep! NFAA Dakota Classic, Bowhunter Freestyle with contingency program to reward the BowhunterJohn Wheeler, Lane Miller and David Jaeggi.classes more. The Bowhunters are the backboneIn 2020 Gearhead won Vegas Bowhunter of our industry and Gearhead felt the attentionFreestyle with Justin Ertel, 280 archers, 6In 2020 Gearhead wins the NFAA Marked 3D to this class of archers is vital to the growth ofshooting Gearhead, 3 Gearheads in the top 6.National Championship, Bowhunter Freestyle Gearhead. Gearhead wins 3 years in row with 3 differentwith Lane Miller.archers!GearheadArcheryhasdominatedtheIn 2021 Gearhead finished 1st and 2nd at the Bowhunter classes of competition despite havingIn 2018 and 2019, Gearhead wins theNFAA Dakota Classic, Bowhunter Freestyle with fewerGearheadsbeingshotcompetitively.NFAA Indoor Nationals, Bowhunter FreestyleDavid Jaeggi and John Wheeler.Archers also buy their bows and compete for thewith John Wheeler back to back.contingencies offered. As of today, Gearhead hasIn 2021 Gearhead wins the Rushmore Rumble, had18NationalChampionsalongwithIBOBowhunter Freestyle with John Wheeler.and ASA Champions and SOY, primarily in the Bowhunter classes of competition. For a complete up to date listing of events and Gearhead Contingencies,visit www.gearheadarchery.comWe at Gearhead Archery are very excited about the future of bowhunting and archery. We have come so far, so fast and are completely blessed to have so many archers say such kind words about us and our products. We thank you and appreciate you so much, the Gearhead Family is special. Gearhead Archery is proof positive that doing something that sets you apart is worth it. Customer service always matters and makes you new friends. Join the Gearhead movement and Win with Gearhead!12G E A R H E A D A R C H E R Y . C O M'