b'G E A R H E A DBOW MANUALB SERIES BOW CAMSString PostsGearhead Archery stepped it up big time with a(A, B, C)completely adjustablebow call the B-Series! The B-Series has bold look and with the cam, brace height and grip option, can fit just about anyone.Lets start with the cam. The cam has 3 different string posts that can change the draw cycle of the bow.Limb Stop HolesCam Holes3 BoltsLimb Stop GrommetThe bow will ship in the B-B string post and it is a good combination of speed and smoothness. The C-C string post will under rotate the the cam and bump up the poundage 4-5 pounds. It will also start building the power upfront in the draw cycle which adds more speed. The A-A string post will over rotate the cams, reducing the draw weight and making the draw cycle smoother. Changing to the different string post will require a bow press and needs to done to both cams.Thiscamhasarotationalmodule toadjustdrawlengthwithoutthe need for a bow press. The rotational module has a pin that inserts into a series of holes in the cam. The cam holesarelabeled1through9and change the draw length about 1/2 in length for each hole. The higher the number the longer the draw length. Tochangethedrawlength,loosen the 3 bolts on the rotational module.Let the module slip out of the hole it is in and rotate the module to theWealsomachinedaseriesofholesforafully desiredpositionandslidethepinadjustable limb stop so you can micro tune the intothenewlocation.Tightenupbows let-off with a solid back wall.the 3 bolts that you loosened. Repeat thisasnecessarytoachieveyour proper draw length. Both cams needI personally like to have my limb stops a little ahead to be in the same setting. of the string stops. The cam limb stop holes have Themodulealsohasastringstop2 rows of 1 through 13 positions. The higher the machined into it. As you repositionnumber, the more let-off until the string stop takes themodule,thestringstopmovesover. To adjust, tighten the limb stop grommet into with it. the proper threaded hole. Make sure the position number is the same for each cam.6 0 8 - 3 7 0 - 8 0 1 625'