b'PICK-A-GRIPSeriesThe Pick a Grip system is unique only to Gearhead Archery. Since the grip is not an integral part of the bows riser load, it can be interchanged with other grips while the bow is fully loaded by simply removing six fasteners. Gearhead Archery has developed 6 distinctive grip options that allow the shooter to choose the grip that fitsthem best. Many people love Gearhead Archerys Standard grip, whileothersdesiretheFlatBackgrip.Inthechilly weather, it is hard to beat the Carbon grip for the warm gripfeel.TheSlidergripsgivesthearcherthemost versatilityandallowstheadjustabilitythathasthe other bow companies reeling. Gearhead manufactures 3 different sliders, the Standard Slider, Flat Back Slider and the 1911 Slider. The 1911 Slider grip implements 1911sideplatesfromthegunindustry.The1911 grip comes with wood laminate side plates but can be customized to any aftermarket 1911 side plates. The PickaGripslidersbyGearheadArcheryarethe most forward-thinking innovation to hit the archery industry in decades!W I N N E RGolden Grip Award 2021 Bowhunter Planet14G E A R H E A D A R C H E R Y . C O M'