b'G E A R H E A DBOW MANUAL ADJUSTABLE LIMB POCKETThe Gearhead Archery limb pockets position the limbs accurately onto the riser. The limbs are attached to the limb cap by the means of a threaded rivet and button head socket bolt. The fit and postion of the limb into the limb cap is tight and exact. A square pillar defines the connection point of the limb cap to the riser. The limb cap has a square pocket that fits the square pillar with extreme precision. When the limb bolts are tightened all the way down, this is the peak draw weight of the bow. To reduce the draw weight of the bow, back the limb bolts out the same distance on each side with a hex wrench. Each rotation of the paired limb bolts is approximately 2 pounds based off the max.The maximum amount of turns to back out the limb bolts is 8 turns. Do not back the limb bolts out more than 8 turns from the maximum draw weight position.B O W M A I N T E N A N C E A N D T I P S -Look over your bow before each shooting session. Check for any fasteners that may have loosened up. Look for wear on the string and cables and replace as necessary. Wax the string and cables with a quality bow wax. Create heat friction with your thumb and index finger to impregnate the wax into the fibers of the string. The most important part is the cable slide area.On our shorter axle to axle bows, we like to use the peep from Radical Archery Design. These peep square up to your eye a little better for a clear view to your sight. We use the 3/16 and 1/4 the most and it is personal preference.26G E A R H E A D A R C H E R Y . C O M'