b'T H E D I S R U P T E R P R O 2 0STARTING AT$974DisrupterPRO 20So much power packed into this compact hunting bow. The Disrupter Pro 20 has never met a hunting situation it hasnt been able to handle and performed flawlessly. Need more room in your hunting blind, get a smaller bow! The Disrupter Pro 20 is 20.5 axle to axle, 7075 grade aluminum, hard coat anodized and ST-2 stabilizer mount. Comes with a standard grip and the Pick a Grip system can be an upgrade. Converts to right or left hand, colors and dipping available for an additional cost.Draw Weights: Brace Height55 -65 lbs 7.0 65 - 75 lbsKinetic Energy: Draw Length:77ft/lbs25 - 28.5FPS:Length ATA:315 FPS @ 28 with a 20.5 350 grain arrowMass Weight 4.0 lbsAvailable Colors:Black Custom Dip85%max adjustable let off6 0 8 - 3 7 0 - 8 0 1 65'