World Record Black Bear shot with a Gearhead T18

Congratulation to Jeff Melillo of New Jersey on the confirmation of his 2019 Black Bear as the new World Record for the species. Jeff’s bear was harvested in New Jersey on October 14th, 2019. His bear tipped the scale at 700 pounds, but it is size of the skull that place him on top of the record books. After a 60-day drying period, the bear’s official measurement was 23 5/16”, topping the previous record from 1993 of 23 3/16”.

Jeff uses his Gearhead Archery T18 for a variety of hunting activities. The size and performance of this bow gives him a real advantage in the woods. Jeff said “The Gearhead bow is the most vibration free bow I have ever shot. Its innovative pistol grip and shoot thru design makes it stand alone from any other bow on the market. Once you shoot it, you’ll be hooked!”

The Gearhead bows are making a statement in a variety of hunting techniques, from stalking to ground blinds, tree stands to tree saddles, the maneuverability of a Gearhead is second to none. Jeff Melillo’s successes is just another example of hunters maximizing opportunities with better equipment.

“When Jeff sent me those field photos of his bear, I was thinking it would score well, but to become the top black bear with a bow, now that is quite an accomplishment. I am so happy for Jeff and thankful he chooses Gearhead” said Skip Peterson of Gearhead Archery.