TicToc, Double Lung/Heart shot

In January of 2021 Dan Canova was watching a TicToc video about some guy shooting over 400 yards with a crazy looking bow. He was in the market for a new bow so he was hooked on that “video bait” more than a bear coming into honey.

“I was in the market for a new bow, so I watched with baited interest,” Canova said. “Gearhead…never heard of them.”

The next several days he spent watching videos, reading interviews, and reading reviews about the strange, compact bow.

“I was hooked,” he said. “Since no local bow shop carried them I decided on a Disruptor Pro 24, via the Gearhead.com website. After shooting it for the first time, I instantly knew I had made the right decision.”

Fast forward to October 21, it was a nice foggy fall morning, and Canova slipped into his stand by 6:00 a.m.

“Around 6:15 a.m.. I hit a little rattle sequence,” he said. “No more had I put my horns down, I see a silhouette coming my direction. As he worked up the hill, he’d stop, I’d rattle, and he’d keep coming.”

At 50 yards, the buck hung up. He’d practiced at 65-70 yards, something he was never confident enough doing with any of his Hoyts or Mathews and contemplated letting one fly.

“I typically don’t shoot over 25 yards while hunting,” he said. “Since I had already killed a few does that year at 35 or so yards, I told myself I was confident with my shot placement out to 45 yards.”

He finally came broadside at 44 yards, the massive G2s glowing, and Canova decided to take the shot.

“My Disruptor let that full metal jacket Easton fly,” he said.  “Double lung heart shot. I Love Gearhead!”