Sometimes a Gearhead moment isn’t about the kill, it’s about the preparation

While many people focus on a great kill-shot on a huge buck, or others consider a Gearhead moment as one that wins an archery tournament, Field Staffer Ari Kontiainen has some other special moments in mind.

“There are way too many good Gearhead moments to choose from,” he said. “However, for me it all boils down to moments when you prepare yourself mentally and physically, tune the equipment and practice before the actual hunts.”

Preparation is a means to an end when it comes to success in the field and in the lane but when a person can enjoy the “prepping” as, much as glory or backstraps- that’s a win-win!

“I love to let a couple of arrows fly in the yard or range, but what really makes a difference is taking enough time to walk thru our 3D range, selecting random distances and angles – and imagining a real hunting situation,” he said.

His tactics are not unlike pitchers in baseball running though live-game situations: Batter on 2nd, one out, two strikes. 

Getting in the right mindset during practice allows a person to be prepared, more calm, and more focused when it’s game time.

“If you so choose, you can get into mood that you’ve just spotted a deer and you’re slowly and carefully approaching it, searching openings in the brushes, estimating the distance, drawing your bow, picking the spot,” he said.  “You just can’t beat it!”