Gearhead Pivot30 ShortDraw


The new bow is called the Gearhead P30. The P stands for Pivot. The Gearhead designers implemented a rotational limb support system into their shoot thru riser design. The thought was to take stress off the limbs throughout the draw cycle. The benefits from this rotational limb support were more than expected. The bow became faster and the draw cycle smoother. The sound at the shot became quieter and the hand shock, well…….  what hand shock. Gearhead Archery knew they hit a home run in design, accuracy, and function with the P30. The size of this bow makes it perfect for Target, 3D and Hunting.

Pivot to a better shooting experience.  Pivot to the future in bow design. Pivot to the new P30 by Gearhead Archery… forward-thinking archery technologies!