Gearhead Moments

TicToc, Double Lung/Heart shot

In January of 2021 Dan Canova was watching a TicToc video about some guy shooting over 400 yards with a crazy looking bow. He was in the market for a new bow so he was hooked on that “video bait” more than a bear coming into honey. “I was in [...]

Field Staffer Max Campanella kills dandy with 18-eyes wide open

Gives a lot of credit to his Disrupter 24’s discreet size Even though Gearhead Field Staffer Max Campanella started out his 2021 season a little rough, he pushed through, and instead of crying about it went on to have a banner finish. “It was a rocky start,” he said.  “I [...]

Sometimes a Gearhead moment isn’t about the kill, it’s about the preparation

While many people focus on a great kill-shot on a huge buck, or others consider a Gearhead moment as one that wins an archery tournament, Field Staffer Ari Kontiainen has some other special moments in mind. “There are way too many good Gearhead moments to choose from,” he said. “However, [...]

Finland hunter shoots his first whitetail deer!

According to Gearhead fan and whitetail deer hunter Esa Skogstrom, of Finland, whitetail deer were imported to his country from the USA in 1934 and 1948 with seven animals, and have expanded to over 100 000 in population. The animals have succeeded very well in Finnish nature. “Now whitetails are [...]

Field Staffer TJ Fitzgerald’s Halloween trick…and then a Gearhead treat.

While Halloween can be a great time to hunt, you need to have a bow that is all in one piece to do so, but unfortunately for TJ Fitzgerald that wasn’t the case. “It was Halloween to be exact,” he said. “I had a bit of a mishap with the [...]

Jake Wagner Nails a 98-yard uphill shot with B34

When Jake Wagner, of Hillpoint, Wisconsin, got his B34, he couldn’t wait to get it set up and start flinging arrows. “I’m looking back at this picture and just seeing it makes me want to get back in the woods and shoot some foam,” Wagner said.  “I got my B34 [...]

Hawaiian “Gearheads” pound three good ones!

Hawaiian Gearheader Kamakea Kaahanui was excited to head out hunting on a chilly morning but wanted to take a few practice shots before engaging live targets. “We did one last check on our bows before setting out into the hills,” he said. “I shoot a T20 and my cousin shoots [...]

Last minute hunt pays off! Compact Gearhead bow gets the assist…..

Chris Louszko Jr had just gained access to a piece of private hunting land not far from his house and decided to sneak in one afternoon for a quick sit. “I decided at the last minute to try an afternoon hunt,” he said. “I hadn’t really had time to scout [...]

Jack Wagner

“Just seeing this picture makes me want to get back in the woods and shoot some foam. I got my B34 late last spring and rushed to get it set up for this last 3D season. This shoot was its first real test. The Beastmode Archery Shoot took place at [...]