Last minute hunt pays off! Compact Gearhead bow gets the assist…..

gearhead archery

Chris Louszko Jr had just gained access to a piece of private hunting land not far from his house and decided to sneak in one afternoon for a quick sit.

“I decided at the last minute to try an afternoon hunt,” he said. “I hadn’t really had time to scout it or set anything up yet.”

Louszko did not have time to hang a stand but was okay with a ground sit because of his Disruptor 20 being so compact it makes for stealthy ground ambushes- even with no blind.

“As I walked in, I found a spot on the edge of an overgrown cornfield that had great sign, so I decided to set up and sit on the ground with my back to a tree,” he said. “About an hour in, a big doe slipped in at 20 yards, and gave me the perfect shot.

Thanks to my Disrupter 20, I was able to shoot sitting down with very little movement.”

A Gearhead moment doesn’t need to involve “shooter” sized antlers. Gearhead moments, are to each his or her own, and a filled freezer can be just as rewarding as a mounted trophy.