Gearhead Archery with a 3-Peat in Vegas Bowhunter

Congratulation to Justin Ertel of Hazard Kentucky on winning the NFAA Bowhunter Freestyle Championship in Las Vegas on February 9th, 2020. Justin was shooting his Gearhead T36 and posted scores of 299, 300 and 298 with 68X for the big win.

This marks the third year in a row that Gearhead has won the Bowhunter Freestyle in Vegas and with three different archers. Eric Griggs won it in 2018 and Josh Schaff in 2019 along with a Gearhead podium sweep.

Gearhead Archery shooters continue to dominate. The Bowhunter Freestyle had 280 archers competing, yet there were only 6 archers shooting Gearhead, in which 3 finished in the top 6. John Wheeler posted a 299, 300 and a 297 with a 62X and Mark Wagner shot a 296, 298 and 299 with 59X.

“A Gearhead Archery 3-peat in the Bowhunter class in Vegas with 3 different shooters despite having few competitors in the field, Dream come true! We designed these bows to be the ultimate hunting bow, to continue to perform at the top of the Bowhunter classes is a testament to design and features” said Skip Peterson of Gearhead Archery.

Gearhead’s bridge style, shoot-though riser is the foundation of these sweet shooting bows. Built to withstand incredible loads without deviation, the Gearhead Archery boss-and-pocket design provides the most stable riser platform on the market. With a super smooth draw cycle, a solid back wall, dead in the hand accuracy and it is easy to see why they are gaining in popularity.

Eric Rapp; President and CEO added, “Our bows are accurate. The accuracy is inherent in the design. Winning at this level of competition is proof positive of our technology”.