Field Staffer Max Campanella kills dandy with 18-eyes wide open

Gives a lot of credit to his Disrupter 24’s discreet size

Even though Gearhead Field Staffer Max Campanella started out his 2021 season a little rough, he pushed through, and instead of crying about it went on to have a banner finish.

“It was a rocky start,” he said.  “I missed a chance at the biggest I’d ever seen and had to let him walk away.”

The season was fairly young at that point so Campanella had hopes that the rut would provide an opportunity to get his broadhead red.  Instead the timeframe came and passed rather uneventfully.

“During the rut I experienced the same bad luck with not having any opportunities,” he said.

He wasn’t done yet.  Despite late season hunting being cold, and bucks being a bit weary from hunting pressure, he kept at it with his Disrupter 24.

“Persistence payed off and I was able to harvest my biggest buck yet on Dec 11,” he said. “I took him STANDING in an elevated blind with ease. I couldn’t be happier with how discreet my Gearhead was! With little movement I was able to make that shot with nine deer watching within 25 yards.”