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Gearhead Archery’s vision became crystal clear in 2020 with the creation of the Disrupter. The Disrupter is the perfect blend of the best features from the B Series, the amazing draw cycle of the T Series and a price point that is easy on the wallet.

Gearhead Archery incorporated the badass look of the B Series shoot through riser design, which is a pillar of strength and rigidity. The Disrupter then added the Zero Gap limb pocket to obtain a 15-pound draw weight adjustment. Draw length specific cams deliver a super smooth draw cycle and limb stops provide adjustable let-off with a solid back wall. These three elements; strength, power and control make the Disrupter destined for greatness.

The Disrupter also gives options to enable customers to build their dream bow. Choose your grip from the “Pick a Grip” system. The slider grips allows micro tuning of the draw length, brace height and hand torque. Gearhead Archery offers an array of colors and dipping options that make the Disrupter uniquely yours.

The Disrupter is more than a cool name for a bow. It is a feeling, an attitude and a purpose. We started this journey as a bow manufacturer in 2015. We have been the weird looking bow at the end of the bow rack that everyone wants to try and loves how it shoots. The Disrupter’s features and price point put the advantage in your favor. We have proven ourselves on the big tournaments’ stages and extreme hunting conditions. We build the highest quality, best performing, designed function bows on the planet and we are just getting started.

Gearhead Archery is excited to offer such a great shooting bow at an amazing value. Drastically altering the status quo. Gearhead Archery, be a Disrupter!

Gearhead Archery continues to innovate with our completely adjustable B-Series bows! These B-Series bows are the most significant step forward in innovated design since the invention of the compound bow. Bold statement, yes…. We know! This B-Series has a bad ass look with 3 bows in the lineup; B30, B34, and B36. The B number represents the axle to axle distance of each model.

Each bow can adjust the brace height from 5.25” to 7.00” in .25 increments. With other bow companies that would be multiple bow offerings. Like all Gearhead bows, the B-Series will convert right to left and or vice versa. The grip is not an integral part of the riser structure, which enables it to be interchangeable. Gearhead has developed 6 grips in the Pick a Grip system to allow the shooter to choose the best grip option for their fit and feel.

The B-Series has 10 pounds of draw weight adjustment with the new Zero Gap limb pockets. The new RA (Rotational Adjustment) cams provide 4 inches of draw length adjustment with a rotational module. Adjusting the draw length takes only minutes. You can also adjust the feel of the draw cycle with 3 different string post that changes the starting rotation of the cam.

Couple the cam adjustability with the Slider Grip and the possibilities are in your control. The new Slider Grip will allow the grip to be moved .5” forward and 1.25” back in .25” increments. It also allows the grip to be moved .375” left or right in .125” increments to eliminate grip torque and keep the center shot aligned. There are 3 Slider Grips to choose from; Standard, Flatback and the 1911. The B-Series has up to 9 mounting positions for stabilizers.

The RA cams have a string stop and a fully adjustable limb stop so the bow’s let-off can be micro tuned up to 85%. This also lets you determine how the draw valley feels. Gearhead Archery built more speed into these cams. The B-Series is one of the faster bows on the market.

The Gearhead Archery team continues to push forward with new models that utilize the strongest riser design in the business. The bridge style shoot through riser is stress-free, unparalleled in compression strength, built-in accuracy and now fully adjustable!

The T Series bows put Gearhead Archery on the map. The Gearhead designers merged a military look and feel into a bow that is a bowhunters dream. These are the bows we want to hunt with. They are compact, lightweight, versatile and fit in a pack. They are accurate, forgiving with shootability and built like a tank. They are smooth to draw and dead in the hand.

These bows are non-adjustable compound bows. They are built to the customer’s draw weight and draw length specifications. They convert from right to left hand and have adjustable let-off. There are 6 different axle to axle lengths to the T Series line up.

The T series bows are available in set draw weights of 40, 50, 60 or 70 pounds. They are not adjustable, as we build each one to your specifications. The draw lengths are also non-adjustable, they are cam specific. To determine draw length, measure wing span tip to tip and divide by 2 ½.

With the success of the new B Series, which allows the dealers so much versatility to fit anyone, selling the T Series online as a custom-built, non-adjustable bow is a good fit. We are also able to change the price of the T Series by improving our manufacturing processes, along with better volume purchasing of materials and assembly efficiencies. The cost savings created are reflected in a lower price.

The T-series bows have features that are built into the design. They have multiple locations to mount stabilizers or accessories. The riser has extra tapped locations to mount picatinny rails. An action camera can even be mounted between the twin riser plates. We have designed value into our bows. Anything that can be put on any other bow, can be installed on a Gearhead. Built with pride in the USA!

The T15 Pro is a hybrid of a recurve bow and a sling shot. It incorporates power from the combination of composite limbs and rubber tubing. They draw and shoot much like a traditional recurve bow. You can shoot normal arrows with a release. These bows are perfect for small game, bowfishing or just shooting for fun.

The T15 Pro with it’s compact size, fit and feel, it becomes like an extension of your arm. It is easy to shoot and very accurate with minimal practice. This one is more for the instinctive shooter.

The T15 Pro comes with a Whisker Biscuit rest, a tied D-Loop, and a bracket to mount your AMS or Cajun bow fishing reel. All the components are black anodized 6061-grade aluminum, stainless steel fasteners and built to last forever! They have a built-in roller system to reduce the wear on your power tubes and help with a consistent draw cycle. These bows ships at a 29 pound draw weight at a 28″ draw. You are able to increase the draw weight by shortening the rubber tubing. The FPS is comparable to a recurve or longbow. The farther you draw it back, the faster it shoots! The T15 Series is perfect for beginners to archery. It teaches good form equals good results. It is easy to shoot and very accurate with minimal practice. Gearhead Archery – bringing smiles for miles!

The Gearhead Archery design team pulled out all the stops as they entered the crossbow market. Some of the biggest complaints about crossbows are the weight, size, difficulty cocking, noise, vibration, and how quickly the strings and cables burn out. We started from scratch to engineer the ultimate crossbow to address these issues. Gearhead Archery has applied for multiple patents in developing this futuristic design. We believe when the X16 Crossbow Series is seen and held, people will understand what we mean when we say Gearhead Archery is rethinking tradition. It’s truly a work of art!

X16 Target

The X16 Target was inspired by the competitive nature of the ASA crossbow class. The Gearhead Archery’s design team went to work as they modified their current X16 to accept a Trigger Tech trigger box and a tunable arrow rest. But, they didn’t stop there, the team made it possible to attach any AR-style grip and buttstock to the X16 platform. The X16 Target still shoots a nocked arrow, it’s easy to cock, lightweight, and perfectly balanced. The Trigger Tech trigger box in this platform has a trigger pull of 2 pounds. Couple that with an arrow rest that can be paper tuned and this crossbow is ready for the podium!

X16 Tactical

The X16 Tactical is yet another new design from Gearhead Archery! The Gearhead team stepped it up, yet again. This crossbow is packable and is of a takedown design. The X16 Tactical has a precision dovetail joint with a robust clamping mechanism. This allows the X16 Tactical to be assembled in the field without sacrificing accuracy. Just slide the two halves together to the alignment stop and tighten the cam clamp into place. The footprint and specs of this crossbow are the same as the X16. It is built with a Trigger Tech trigger box and an arrow rest that can be paper tuned. The X16 Tactical crossbow is the first of its kind. It is superior in accuracy, breaks down and fits in a pack, all in just a few minutes. No more challenging transportation of your crossbow. Gearhead Archery makes it easy with the X16 Tactical !

The “Pick a Grip” is unique only to Gearhead Archery. Since the grip is not an integral part of the bow’s riser load, it can be swapped out while the bow is fully loaded by simply removing six fasteners. Many people love our standard grip while others have mentioned the desire for a flat back grip, still others like the carbon grip in the cold weather. The slider grips give the archer the most versatility. Gearhead Archery has six grip options that allow the shooter to choose the grip that fits him or her best.

The Slider Grip is the most versatile grip in the market today. These grips allow you to micro tune your draw length a 1/2″ forward or a 1 1/4″ back. This also lets you adjust the brace height of the bow in relation to your draw length.

The Slide Grip can eliminate the hand torque that you put into the grip. When you are at full draw, look at the cams. If the string is coming off the cams to the right, move your grip to the right. If the string is coming off the cams to the left, move your grip to the left. This will align the string from the cams to your anchor point.

The Slider Grip also lets you play with your grip options without affecting the tuning of the bow. The Slider Grip is available in the Standard Grip, Flatback Grip and the 1911 Grip. The 1911 is from the gun industry and comes with wood laminate side plates but can be customized to any aftermarket 1911 side plates.

The “Pick a Grip” slider system is the most forward-thinking innovation to hit the archery industry in decades. The Slider Grip can be a difference maker!

Gearhead Archery offers more options for adding weight and stability to your bow than any other bow manufacturers.

The ST-1 swivel mount can be mounted in a number of places. It can be mounted it to the bottom of the limb bezel or either side of the bow through any of the 10-24 flathead screw locations. The swivel mount rotates 360 degrees and up and down 180 degrees.

The ST-2 frontal mount is positioned between the two riser plates beneath the grip. It is attached through the extra threaded holes that are needed when converting the bow from right to left handed or vice versa. This mount is more conventional and has stabilizer positions of dead center, left of center and right of center. It can also be used in the rear of the riser to attach back bar stabilizers.

With Gearhead Archery, anything is possible.

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