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Woody Brown

Woody Brown

Raised on the island of Maui, I grew up as a waterman. As a kid, Surfing, paddling, and spearfishing were my passions. I took my passion of spearfishing to a professional level- competing not only locally, but worldwide. I later picked up bow hunting because of my love for diving and hunting fish. I wanted to be able to hunt not only underwater, but on land as well. Since then, I never looked back and continue bow hunting as it's become a big part of my life. Bow hunting and spear fishing are very similar. My speargun is basically an underwater bow. Stalking fish is like stalking game animals with a different technique of course, and that's why I love doing both! Continual practice helps to keep my hunting skills sharp, both underwater and on land. My favorite animal to hunt is Axis deer. They can be very challenging at times which I find exciting. They also taste great!

When the ocean is nice you can catch me underwater chasing fish, and when it's windy you can catch me in the mountains stalking deer with my T20. A hui hou!

Woody Brown

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