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Austin Jones

Austin Jones

My name is Austin Jones, I’m 21 years old and have a form of Muscular Dystrophy known as Charcot-Marie-Tooth. With the help of my dad I shoota Gearhead X16 and X16 Target model. He holds the crossbow while I lookthrough the scope and tell him where to move. He then pulls the triggerwith his thumb when I say “shoot”. My family and I have spent thousands ofhours together practicing, shooting, hunting and traveling the countryliving life to the fullest. We run a Facebook page called Jones Boys HuntingSquad where we chronicle our adventures.

Growing up I loved hunting and the outdoors but I never knew that archerywould be such a big part of my life. For my 12th birthday I got my firstcrossbow and soon fell in love. Over the last 9 years I have shot everythingfrom bears and deer to elk and buffalo with hopes of completing the NorthAmerican Super Slam with archery equipment one day. I served on the MNRCYouth Conservation Council and have dedicated my life to promoting huntingand conservation.

I have only been shooting competitions since 2015 with my first major shootbeing the IBO World championships where I finished 2nd in the physicallychallenged class. I then won the National and World Championships thefollowing year. I now shoot in the Crossbow Class at the ASA shoots andhave finished in the top 9 three times n 2018. I have been blessed to huntin 12 states and shoot archery tournaments in 8. The sport has brought meso many great opportunities, experiences and memories I otherwise wouldnever make.

I also love producing short hunting films and telling a compelling storythrough a lens. We film all of our hunts and I edit some in our downtime. Below is one of my favorite hunts.

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