Jake Wagner Nails a 98-yard uphill shot with B34

When Jake Wagner, of Hillpoint, Wisconsin, got his B34, he couldn’t wait to get it set up and start flinging arrows.

“I’m looking back at this picture and just seeing it makes me want to get back in the woods and shoot some foam,” Wagner said.  “I got my B34 late last spring and rushed to get it set up for this last 3D season.”

The 19-year-old had his first event of the season, the Beastmode Archery Shoot, and he was jacked to test out his B34 in competition.

“This shoot was its first real test,” he said. “The event took place at Tyrol Basin Ski Resort in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin,” Wagner said.  “ This shoot is the is very similar to a Total Archery Competition including steep angle shots, both uphill and downhill, and shooting through obstacles constantly.”

This type of terrain bodes well for the B34 as he could navigate the terrain efficiently.

“This bow leads me to a great day capping everything off with a 98-yard uphill shot,” he said. “By far the most fun I’ve had with a bow in my hand and I have Gearhead Archery to thank for that.”

Wagner said he’d like to get into competition shooting more and balance it with his whitetail and turkey hunting.