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$ 1,699.00

The X16 Carbon Crossbow is 4.50 pounds as a bare bow. The weight of this crossbow is lighter than many compound bows on the market today. Furthermore, the X16 shoots regular nock arrows and can be shot thousands of times without burning out the string or power cables. This crossbow is easy to cock and does not require a foot stirrup or rope cocker. However, we have both options available. People who struggle to cock most crossbows, will enjoy cocking and shooting the X16 with or without a rope cocker. The X16 is as quiet as our compound bows. We consistently have the quietest crossbows in the crossbow test reviews. This crossbow has a traditional look, but the fit, feel, aim, accuracy and balance are truly amazing.

  • Draw weights (lbs): 75/90/125
  • Power Length (in): 16" Power Stroke
  • 18.50"/14.75" axle to axle
  • Trigger Pull (lb) 3.10
  • Aluminum Weight (lbs): 5.50**
  • Carbon Weight (lbs): 4.50**
  • Speed Up To (fps): 350 @ 125lbs with a 325 grain
  • 90 ft-lb Kinetic Energy

* All specs approximate ** Weight shown without accessories