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$ 999.00

No other bow aims and shoots like these two. Such dead in the hand accuracy, it damn near shoots itself. Look for these bows to be at the top of the podium. The Flat Back Slider grip comes standard on the B36 and B40 along with a black hard coat anodize. Also included are 3 stabilizer mounting brackets; a ST-2 in the front, a ST-2 in the back, a ST-1 and sound dampening. Custom Dipping and Colors are an additional cost.

  • IBO Speed: 340fps
  • 36.50" axle to axle
  • 5.40lbs weight**, 90 ft-lb kinetic energy
  • Draw weights available: 50/60/70
  • Draw range: 25.50" to 31.50"
  • Brace height range: 5.75" to 7.50"

* All specs approximate ** Weight shown without accessories